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STS 1 ~ 3KTL – S

SINGLE PHASE: STS 1K / 1.5K / 2K / 2.5K / 3KTL-S

Safe & Reliable

Adapt to complex power grid

High reliability due to good heat dissipation design

Integrated lightening protection for both DC and AC

High anti-corrosion ability with aluminum alloy die casting technology

IP65, wider working temperature and altitude, adapt to various installation environments

High Revenue

  • High yield with Max.97.5% efficiency

  • European weighted efficiency 97%

  • Wide MPPT voltage range

  • Up to 10% continuous output overloading capacity

  • Single MPPT design with precise MPPT algorithm

  • Standard 5 years warranty, extendable to 10 or 15 years

Easy to use

Remote upgrading available

Plug and play connectors, easy for installation

Compact elegant design, light weight, one-person installation

Intelligent positioning abnormal string with integrated I/V scan function

Support wireless and wired internet connection (RS485, Wi-Fi/GPRS/LAN optional)

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