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01 Sunways Origination

Originated from Germany, Since 1993

Sunways is a company founded in Konstanz Germany in 1993, which focused on the development, manufacturing, sales, and service of high-quality professional photovoltaic inverters. Sunways develops, manufactures, and distributes cutting-edge technologies, high-efficiency products, and solutions for a whole PV industry. Sunways products contain the existing STS 1~6kW residential series, STT 4~25kW small commercial series, STT 50~125kW industry series, and relative monitoring devices and portal. Our extensive product range enables us to meet the changing demand in the world and highly enhances our competitive power. Our products stand out for their high-quality and cutting-edge technologies from other competitors. We are willing to cooperate with the advocate of global clean energy to provide an overall energy solution for global customers, and as one of the promoters of clean energy, we will be adhering to the technical innovation as the driving source of company development, continue to promote sustainable development of clean energy for mankind.

02 Our R&D Team

Sunways treat product quality as its life and technical innovation as its driving force and fostered a professional and experienced, leading high-level, strong independent innovation capability R&D team. Sunways has about 50 professional R&D employees which have more than 10 years PV industry experience, and engaged with many scientific research institutions such as ISC Konstanz, Fraunhofer ISE, Konstanz University, Zhejiang University, and Solarvalley Mitteldeutschland, etc. Sunways provided high-quality PV inverters to residential projects, commercial projects and factory projects at the domestic and overseas market and all our products have been certified by TUV and CQC for a series professional certificates such as VDE0126-1-1(Germany), AS4777(Australia), RD1699(Spain), IEC61727, IEC60068, IEC61683(India), NBR16149(Brazil), etc., and some other countries certificates such as Belgium, Greek, Turkey, Poland, Mexico, Italy, South Korea, Thailand, Netherlands, and Denmark have been included into 2020 certification plans. After being explored in the PV industry for many years, Sunways inverter has been exported to more than 40 countries and highly admired and recognized by our customers.

03 Production Capacity and Scale

Sunways has 6 hectares of land in Cixi, Zhejiang with a factory area about 4000 square meters and now has introduced three automatic production lines, through the strict production management, normalized operation, rigorous quality test, and intelligent information management to realize intelligent, scale, and clustering whole industrial chain development. Our planned monthly production capacity is up to 10,000 sets and included 6,000 sets of STS 1~6kW single-phase series, 3,200 sets STT 4~25kW smart three-phase and 800 sets STT 50~125kW industrial three-phase series, and the planned production capacity will ensure timely delivery even facing the continues explosion growth of PV industry. In the meantime, our company has made a strategic plan to double its annual production capacity in three years, and by the year 2022, our production capacity will reach up to 20,000 sets in one month and this will greatly improve our customers’ confidence to us.

04 Quality Management

Sunways treat product quality as its life, from supplier inspection, incoming quality inspection, process inspection to finished product inspection, we are not just set a series of strict, integrated quality control systems, but also have the most advanced testing laboratory to carry out a series of rigorous tests on batch products, and batch sampling the tracking the quality of finished products. Years of tempering and exercising formed the first impression of Sunways, we start at the source to build the foundation of our quality, select the world-class famous brand components, and build Sunways brand inverter in a high-level craft and integrated quality inspection process.

05 Strategic Partners

Sunways treat product quality as its life, the high-quality components guaranteed the quality and reliability of our products. The row materials such as electronic components, mechanism materials, and other auxiliary materials are 100% supplied by world-renowned brands such as Panasonic, Infineon, Texas Instruments, SiTime, etc. which are famous for its quality and cutting-edge technology in the world.
Inductor/Capacitor:EPCOS, Nichicon, NCC, KEMET, Panasonic
Connector/Switch:Santon, Wieland, OMRON, ZETTLER, MC4, Panasonic
IC:SiTime. Texas Instruments,AVAGO, ON Semiconductor, Infineon, VAC, FAIRCHILD

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